Welcome to the Virginia Blubelles Twirl Team 

Baton twirling is a GREAT activity for both children and adults! It is a performance sport that is a lot of fun.  It can be exciting to twirl as an individual and feel special to be part of a group. 

The following is a comprehensive view of our program, cost structure and what we expect.

Baton skills are learned along with dance/ twirling routines to fun and exciting music.

Baton twirling lessons are a great way to meet new friends,You also get exercise, increase flexibility, increase stamina, learn self-discipline, build self-esteem.
Thank you for becoming part of our growing team!

We look forward to a great year with you!


ø  COST NOTE:  Virginia Bluebelle's goal is to provide a quality program for your child at a reasonable cost. 

We offer classes at a fair and reasonable cost.

We offer family discounts for those enrolling more than one child.
We offer discount a discount for paying full years membership in advance

Miss Kim loves baton twirling and loves to share it.  I hope you would agree that the price is very reasonable compared to other similar activities in the valley.  It is very important, however, that potential members pay close attention to the extra costs that be incurred.  The Virginia Bluebelles is not any position to carry any outstanding amounts.    We do not mark up costs for profit.  You pay the direct cost.

Please understand the time, commitment and financial obligation involved before enrolling.


The VABB works very hard to maintain their agreement with the Vinton Senior Center- It is up to each parent to keep up with payments and make sure their child's monthly dues paid in a timely manner (1st Monday of each month).  In order to keep our agreement with the Vinton Senior Center- A  $5 late fee will be applied to the total due if not paid by the 2nd Monday of each month

We accept payment in the form of cash; check and Paypal.

* Call 540-589-3280 to leave a message for the instructor, if your child will be absent from class. or text.
* If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain any information or updates on what you/your child may have missed. 
*Make up classes may be a possibility but are not guaranteed. Please inquire with your instructor.
*Students are expected to arrive to class 10 minutes early dressed and prepared to start. If they arrive early they may use space in the back for stretching and practicing twirls.
*Excessive absences or lateness will be addressed individually with the parents of the child.(we offer year end attendance awards) 
*For inclement weather we follow Roanoke County school closings.

*****Absences from a Performance/Class:*****

All members are expected to participate in all scheduled performances.  "Performances" include parades, local events, competitions (competition twirlers only)

While most people naturally use the policies below, there have been some who have not.  The schedule is given well in advance of performance dates.  Weekly practices should be regularly attended.

Absences should be rare.  It is expected that when signing up for the activity, that the student and family fully intend to participate.   If there is a performance date conflict the director should be notified well in advanced (AT LEAST ONE MONTH).

Acceptable excused absences

* Funeral
* Wedding attendance of immediate family member.
* Wedding where the student is in the wedding.
* Hospitalization of the student
* Sudden illness of the student themselves where a call is made that day. (A cold does not warrant missing a performance).
* Out-of-town on vacation that could not be rescheduled. 

FAQs about attendance

Q: If a child misses class due to illness or has too much to do: Will I get a refund for the missed class/ classes?

A:  There is NO refund for missed classes.

ONLY Exceptions:   If you have paid in advance and if a child becomes hospitalized or disabled during a paid month or is unable to return to classes for any other unforeseen family tragedy  or disaster, or has decided to drop from all future classes, then a refund may be discussed for unused time. 

Keep in mind:  Awards and trophies are given out at the last class/recital for those with perfect attendance.

Q:  What if I decide that I want to quit twirling early?

A:  If you decide twirling is not for half way through the year- we suggest you try to complete your entire twirling year.  Leaving the team early can cause team hardships.  However we do understand there are circumstances beyond our control.  If you do decide to exit the team early-we ask that you please schedule a time to speak to coach outside of class if you plan on quitting the team.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

*Comfortable fitted clothing- no jeans (shorts, leggings, yoga pants, fitted shirt) 
*Shoes – In-step twirl shoes; ballet slippers; tennis shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, OR BOOTS OR HOUSE SLIPPERS) 

*General attire rules for classes:
* No jewelry is to be worn
Hair must be worn neatly off the face (in ponytail or bun) unless specified by the instructor.
Attire requirements are given for the safety and best instructional experience for our 

* Where to purchase – …http://www.dancewearsolutions.com/ has jazz shoes and tights and leos and some of our costume pieces.  Batons and Instep Twirl shoes https://www.starlinebaton.com

Most items you will purchase through the instructor for instructor discounts

We want to make sure that the lines of communication are open so that everyone is aware of all the great things we have going on throughout the year.   Our communication and information protocols are as follows:

*  E-mail/Text message/ FB  message– We would like keep in touch with you via email or text. Email newsletters will be sent periodically with all the latest information.  Sometimes if event information changes or classes are cancelled, we will send this information to you via email.  Please be sure that we have your proper email address so that we can send you information on the spot! We also have a FB closed group discussion page for twirling members only.

*  Newsletters – Hard copies of the e-newsletters will be available on a limited basis. Information will also be posted on our closed member Facebook page and webpage. Each member who has a FB account will be added to Virginia Bluebelles Discussion Page.

* Comments/Concerns - Please do not approach the instructor around class time if you have a concern or issue you would like to discuss.  The instructor is there to teach the students.  These types of disruptions take away from class time which is discourteous to the other students in the class.  We request to please call Miss Kim at 540-589-3280. We will contact you at our first opportunity.  We are here to assist you and for your child to have a wonderful experience with us! (or if minor issue see if there is time after class)

Costume fees vary depending on size/style from $25-$50 (this price does not include shoes)


* Warm-ups will be used for Christmas Parades and any other outdoor performances during the colder months.  They also maker great cover-to protect uniforms.  The Warm-ups includes full embroidery on the front with Team Logo and and each Bluebelles name on the front.  

Embroidery and warm-ups will be custom designed by Chailene's of Vinton.

Jacket ($55)  + Sales Tax 
**Parents can also purchase a Jacket**

Total $112 (includes s&h)

The Virginia Bluebelles team performs at many events in the local area.  Participation is optional; however, if your child is interested in participating in these events, there are a few requirements involved:
*    An newsletter will be sent and a sign up sheet will be posted in the studio with a closing date to sign up for participation.  There may be additional practices prior to the event that are mandatory in order to participate.  If you cannot attend the practices, you cannot participate in the event.
*    Practice dates, drop off, and pick up information, and dress information will be provided after sign up is closed and finalized. 
*   There are required costumes for local performances These costume guidelines will be mandatory for participation in these types of events.
* Consider signing up for short session classes if you are not able to commit to all performances or classes

*   You may bring food or drink in the center.   If the drink is not water- please make sure lids are on securely and you have it sitting in a location it will not spill. Drink and bottled water will be allowed during periodic breaks only.  Please try to send bottled water with your dancer/twirler to class.  (there is only one water fountain)
*   Children must be supervised at ALL times while in the waiting area.  Children are not permitted to roam out in the gym or in the middle of class. (this applies to children waiting for class or any siblings; friends; family members etc. brought to class.
*  We do not have a closed room; so we ask all parents who stay to please sit at far end of class facing away from students.  Do not sideline coach your child.  
*  Please respect the property of the Vinton Senior Center, including tables, chairs, equipment, etc.
* No rollin around in the floor during class.
* No interrupting class or other students during lesson
* All students need to take restroom/ water breaks before class so that class time is not interrupted unless otherwise stated by coach.

The goal is to make this program a positive experience for our kids and their families.  I care about what you think and I want to accommodate you. Please follow this procedure for communication and allow me to do my job. Acting inappropriately, making derogatory comments or gossiping will not be tolerated. This type of behavior is disruptive for the program and affects everyone’s experience, not just yours. Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for dismissal with no refund on any fees paid to date.  I hope that you will be an active and positive part of this process as we grow into a spectacular program!


I realize that parents have busy and varied schedules.  If you would like to stay and watch please discuss it with the coach prior to the class.  Parents in the class can be disruptive to the student, as well as the coaches.  Coaches are happy to answer any questions you may have either before or after class. Thank you for your cooperation.  

* For safety purposes there will be no gum or jewelry permitted in class.
* All small children must be accompanied by an adult.
*No one is permitted to to roam around the building or other parts in the facility without coaches permission
*SHOES* make sure your child is wearing the appropriate shoes mentioned above- it is for their safety for spins and dancing and to protect them against injuries like twisted ankles.
* Cell phones should be left in bags and turned off please unless you are recording a routine for practice. 

QUESTIONS:  Please contact the Director/ Coach
Kimberly Morgan
or private message me on FB

Costume Care:

Most of our costumes are a mix of sequins and lycra.

If you find you need to wash your team uniform, DO NOT wash entire team uniform.  This uniform is covered in sequins and will be RUINED/ possibly melted if subjected to machine washing.   It also consists of special dyes that may color fade if exposed to water.  Spot cleaning is recommended for critical spots.  Ivory Dish Soap-is considered to be a great choice for spot cleaning and is very mild.

  1. To clean crotch area: Mix a tiny bit of  dish soap with cold water in clean sink, dip crotch section only in soapy water and use your hands to work the dirt out, rinse with cold water, press out excess water between towels, then hang or lay flat to dry.
  2. To spot clean: Mix a tiny bit of  Dish Soap with cold water.  Using a clean washcloth, dip a portion of the washcloth in the soapy solution and blot on spotted area until spot is removed.  Remove any remaining soap with clean, non-soapy wet washcloth.  Hang or lay flat to dry.
 Take good care of your team uniform and store in a safe place.